• Walter Roy Smith

Annual Election Period is HERE!

Residents all over Pasco County have probably been seeing commercials now for weeks, not to mention the stack of advertisements received on a daily basis, that tell us the Medicare Annual Election Period is finally here. UGH! Even the folks at are getting the word out this year!

Competition in Pasco for new Medicare Beneficiaries is pretty fierce this year and that's good news for us! However, with all of the options out there it can get confusing pretty quickly. Stick to the basics first: Your doctors, specialists, prescription drugs and costs should be the four things to look at first. Then come the value added benefits like dental, vision, silver sneakers, Part B giveback and Over The Counter benefits (OTC) that you should look at next.

You can always contact us! We are certified with many different companies and work exclusively in the Tampa Bay market but call Pasco our home!

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