• Walter Roy Smith

Medicare Part B and Group Health Insurance

Recently we sat down with a client that was finally retiring from a company she had worked at for almost 30 years. She is 69 years old and has maintained her health insurance coverage through her job for all of them.

When she turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare she chose to, mistakenly, take Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B while keeping her group health insurance.

According to Medicare Part A is typically free to most Americans while Part B does have a monthly premium, $135.50 per month in 2019.

She unknowingly wasted more than $6,000 paying for a program she never used because she thought taking Medicare was mandatory at age 65. It was tough to inform her of the truth.

If you are currently working, and enrolled in group health insurance through your employer, once you are eligible for Medicare we recommend sitting down with an expert to evaluate your options. Not two clients are ever the same and everyone's situation is a little different and it's never too early to get good advice. Contact us for a free review today!

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